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Elemro Group is a supply chain service provider focusing on the field of electrical equipment. It is committed to helping industrial customers solve the problem of one-stop purchase of electrical equipment, making it cheap and simple to buy Electrical equipment.

Elemro Group has three major business segments: Elemro Mall, Elemro Overseas Business and Leidun Electric.


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  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Sales Model of ELEMRO Group

    Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Sales Model of ELEMRO Group

    The term business-to-consumer (B2C) refers to the process of selling products and services directly between a business and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services. Accompany with the increment of online consumers groups, an increasing number of traditional enterprises have introduced the electronic commerce mode.

Latest news

  • 0222-12

    ELEMRO Electric Product Factories

    ELEMRO facilities are specialized in production and distribution of various electrical process control and automation products and electronic components.  Now we’re focusing on solar power el...
  • 2022-04

    How to Choose Lightning Protector for Win...

    Lightning protection of each component of wind turbine:   1. Blade: The position of the blade tip is mostly hit by lightning. After the lightning strikes the blade tip, a large amount of energ...
  • 2422-03

    What is the Difference Between the Switch...

    In addition to the differences in function, installation environment, internal structure, and controlled objects, distribution cabinet and switchgears are characterized by different external dimens...
  • 1022-03

    Types of Surge Protective Device SPD

    Surge protection for both power and signal lines is a cost-effective way to save downtime, increase system and data dependability, and eliminate equipment damage caused by transients and surges. It...
  • 0922-02

    Siemens PLC Module In Stock

    Due to the continuation of the global Covid-19 epidemic, the production capacity of many Siemens facilities has been greatly affected. Especially Siemens PLC modules are in short supply not only in...